Detoxing From Opiates: Withdrawal and Treatment Union City

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Opiate addiction has become prevalent in the U.S. Addiction to prescription or illicit opiates can happen to anyone who abuses the drug. Research has shown that first-time opiate use can be so over-powering that the user may begin to drug binge, which can lead addiction. Opiates are highly addictive drugs that alter brain functions that affect a person's ability to stop using. If you are addicted to opiates and are looking for an opiate addiction treatment center, Union City opiate addiction rehab can help you. We provide safe, medical detoxing from opiates, and research-based addiction recovery treatment programs.

We understand that recovering from opiate addiction is a difficult process for an addict to attempt without professional help, and relapse is a common occurrence. Our opiate addiction treatment programs are designed to address the patient holistically, addressing the physical, psychological and emotional aspects of addiction and recovery. If you have a co-occurring mental disorder, we will also treat that problem along with the addiction recovery program. Our inpatient program provides comprehensive opiate addiction treatment with a high level of therapeutic care for addicts who have mental health problems, chronic pain, multiple relapse history or other issues that exacerbate their opiate addiction. We view each patient as a unique individual and realize that each person will progress in his or her recovery differently.

Drug Detox

If you are addicted to opiates you can receive quality recovery treatment at our Union City opiate addiction rehab. When you enter our facility, you will be physically and psychologically assessed, and a treatment program will be planned especially for you. The initial phase of your treatment begins with a medical detox, where you will gradually be weaned off of all opiate drugs. Our medical team will carefully monitor you throughout the process to keep you stable and comfortable. Medications may be administered to assuage drug cravings and other withdrawal symptoms that you may be experiencing. Withdrawal symptoms can vary among patients, but you may experience any of the following:

  • Severe anxiety, mood swings, depression, hallucinations, paranoia,
  • Vomiting, diarrhea, intense cravings,
  • Bone and muscle pain, weakness, trembling
  • Seizures and self-harm.

During the withdrawal phase, your mind and body are experiencing distress because they are struggling to find balance and stability without the opiates. This distress is expressed by withdrawal symptoms, which can last for a week, or months depending on how severe your addiction was. Union City opiate addiction rehab is the safest place you can be when detoxing from opiates. Our medical team will monitor and assist you throughout the procedure, and you will emerge safe and opiate-free. We understand that some patients consider the detox phase intimidating, but we assure you that you are in good hands and every step will be taken to keep you stable and safe.

Opiate addiction recovery is a long-term process and some patients may require more extensive psychological counseling than others to break their addictive thought and behavior patterns. Once you have successfully completed detoxing from opiates you will begin a series of other important opiate addiction treatment programs.

During your recovery treatment programs you will learn about your addiction and discover the underlying factors that may be leading you to use and abuse opiate drugs. Cognitive behavioral therapy will help you identify your dysfunctional thought and behavior patterns, and you will learn how to substitute them with positive, healthy alternatives. You will also learn effective coping skills and relapse prevention techniques that will aid you in managing drug cravings, triggers, strong emotions, and toxic situations. Relapse prevention strategies will teach you how to avoid or manage unsafe situations that may entice you to relapse. You will also learn helpful coping strategies that you can use during difficult situations, so that you are able to remain centered and in control.

Our opiate addiction treatment programs are designed to heal and equip you so that you are able to begin a new and better life for yourself. Our Union City opiate addiction rehab will provide you with the continuous positive reinforcement and counseling therapy you need to put you on the right path and help you stay there. To begin your opiate addiction treatment program, you can visit us online at:

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